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Being at the receiving end of an accident is traumatic. Dealing with the repercussions of a vehicle or motorcycle accident, defective products, or bad insurance proves a taxing experience. When you’re ready to unload some of your burdens, count on our personal injury lawyers in Merino, CO.

At Wright Law Firm LLC, we’ll take the stingy insurance companies head-on. We’ll also handle the rest of the legal details, working hard to recover a settlement for you. Most importantly, we’ll treat you like family and your case like the unique situation it is.

Common Automotive Accidents in Merino, CO

Colorado sees over 100,000 motor vehicle accidents yearly. Of this, over 35% of accidents in Colorado towns, including Merino, strictly stem from the human error of drivers under the age of 65. Whether distractions, speeding, or driving while under the influence, we handle any automobile case regardless of the root cause of an accident.

Car Accidents

From a one-ton Volkswagen Beetle to a four-ton Mercedes-AMG, every car can become a weapon on the streets of Merino. Without following the rules of the road, vehicle damages and life-altering injuries are severe possibilities. The most common car accidents include:

  • Sole vehicle crashes: A vehicle can have an accident due to a natural or manmade obstacle like ice or construction work, respectively. In these cases, it may not seem like there is a liability case present. However, contacting a personal injury lawyer in Merino will help you to examine the accident further.
  • T-bone accidents: When one driver wrongfully drives through a red light or stop sign, they become liable for any damages that occur.
  • Rear-end collisions: Tailgating represents one of the leading factors in Merino automotive accidents. If another driver follows you at an unsafe distance, they can injure you or your vehicle.

Motorcycle Accidents

To a motorcyclist, their vehicle is as much a part of the road as any car. To a car or truck driver, a motorcycle is a nearly invisible vehicle that the driver may overlook.

Accidents happen mainly because of the speed and size of a motorcycle. From getting lost in the glare of a car’s windshield to popping out unexpectedly at a distracted driver, a motorcycle can come dangerously close to an inattentive driver.

In these cases, absent-minded drivers may refuse to note motorcycles. However, you shouldn’t refuse to note the driver’s negligence when this happens.

Pedestrian Accidents

The most dangerous of motor accidents occur when a vulnerable pedestrian comes up against a two-ton vehicle. Unlike the driver, someone crossing the street or riding in the bike lane doesn’t have airbags or seat belts to protect them.

Pedestrian collisions, like motorcycle accidents, can happen when someone is inconspicuous on the streets. As a result, negligence on behalf of a Merino driver can lead to injuries or death.

Other Accidents in Merino, CO

However, not all accidents involve heavy machines that roll off the assembly line. For instance, slips and falls contribute to over 16,000 deaths yearly, and they can occur at any time for any reason. Common cases in Merino include:

  • An icy or elevated sidewalk that causes passersby to trip or slip
  • Dangerous road conditions or construction areas that don’t put forth a warning sign
  • Waxy or wet public floors
  • Unsafe working conditions, including a lack of protective equipment or proper working materials
  • Bad real estate

Dangerous Products

Personal injury lawyers in Merino also want you to look out for faulty products. All too often, consumers fall for advertisements promising a great product. Unfortunately, when the consumer receives the product, it may not fit right or do what it claims to do.

Other times, the outcome proves more sinister. When a packaging refrains from relaying the dangers of a product or its pieces to the user, it becomes a liability case. For instance, the packaging may omit safety equipment, toxic warning labels, or proper instructions.

Companies that sell these products will fight tooth and nail to prevent a lawsuit. Not only do they lose funds this way, but their reputation can tarnish easily. That’s why you need personal injury lawyers in Merino who can fight for you.

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