Business law is a complex field. You need an attorney with the knowledge and expertise to represent your interests. An experienced Sterling business law attorney can help your organization avoid over taxation, regulatory non-compliance, lawsuits, and unnecessary investigations or proceedings by local agencies.

What can Wright Law Firm do for your business?

Our firm has the experience to help you with numerous aspects of business law, including:

Organization formation and registration: Are you exploring formally creating a business? We can help you navigate the business formation process and register your corporation in Colorado or elsewhere. We understand the compliance requirements and have an extensive network of contacts to ensure that even a multinational business meets them flawlessly.

Growing organizations: There are many legal concerns and challenges that can come up when your business begins to grow, and you’ll need legal advice that’s tailored to your organization’s unique considerations. Adding employees, securing financing, and other issues can cause unexpected problems that we can help you avoid.

Employee issues: One of the most important facets of business law is employment law. Employee lawsuits can be costly—they can even destroy a growing organization. We can work with you on things like business structure, policies for personnel, termination procedures, shareholder agreements, contracts, and much more.

We also handle business litigation issues!

Workplace issues: We work with either employees or employers who are dealing with legal problems in their workplace. Wrongful termination, discrimination against protected classes, regulatory compliance, work without payment, and other topics are well within our wheelhouse.

Business transactions: We understand that every transaction comes with its own set of unique circumstances, presenting opportunities and risks that are specific to the situation. We can bring our specialized skills and experienced to your business transactions so that you can negotiate the solutions that are right for your organization securing long-term benefits and avoiding negative consequences.
Contract disputes: While most contract disputes do not reach the level of litigation, those that do often do so because there is a great deal at stake. A negative outcome can endanger more than just your bottom line—it can endanger the very existence of your company. You need an experienced Colorado business law lawyer at your back to navigate any contract disputes that reach litigation.

Mergers and acquisitions: Mergers and acquisitions are among the most complex business legal issues. Working with an experienced attorney is essential if you are planning to acquire another business or merge with one. At Wright Law Firm, we understand the nuances of mergers and acquisitions and can help you ensure the long-term success of your company following either.

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