Becoming unemployed can have disastrous effects—it can cause you and your family extreme emotional and financial hardship, and it can affect your future employment prospects. For employers, lawsuits by employees can endanger your business’s bottom line as well as its reputation.

The employment law attorneys at Wright Law Firm understand how serious workplace legal problems can be, and we can help you navigate them successfully. We know the risks faced by both employers and employees when an employment relationship turns sour, and we can help you prevent or reduce losses to your business, assist you in recovering compensation and relief, and cope with termination and resignation issues. We can also help employees ensure that their employer does not contest unemployment benefits, and we can help employers with fair monetary settlements.

Wright Law Firm is Your Local Employment Law Expert

There are many different areas of employment law, and we have the knowledge and expertise to assist with all of them, including:

Wrongful termination: While Colorado is an at-will employment state, there are still situations in which a termination can be unlawful or wrongful. When this happens, you need a Sterling employment attorney to aid you in recovering lost wages or other damages stemming from the termination. We may even be able to help you retain your current job and improve your future career prospects which the wrongful termination may have damaged.

Discrimination: Another area of employment law which requires an attorney who understands the nuances of business law is employment discrimination litigation. We have successfully pursued cases concerning sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and hostile work environments for our clients, and we can help you too. If you’ve experienced discrimination due to your age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, or race, contact us today.

Sexual harassment: While sexual harassment constitutes one aspect of discrimination in employment law, it is also a complex legal issue on its own. If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment in your workplace, you need legal representation now. Sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal, but many employers are able to dodge the consequences because their employees don’t know how to pursue justice in a legal sense effectively. We can help.

Defending employers: We can also help if you’re an employer facing a lawsuit dealing with civil rights, hostile work environments, whistleblowing, policy violations, unemployment, employment contracts, or statutory violations. We can even help you draft effective operations and management policies as a risk management method.

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